Our Story

Bliss Herbals was born from a love of the African landscape and its people and a strong desire to protect and regenerate our natural wealth. We focus on three principals in our work: Medicine, Conservation and Empowerment. We provide world-class consultation & training and develop projects and products in the field of medicinal plant cultivation, processing and marketing, sustainable and regenerative agriculture, community development, ecosocial enterprise, climate action and ecological issues.

We aim for a balance between people, economy and ecology in every project; finding the ways to achieve win-win-win solutions to build a better planet and a brighter future for us all.

Our Work

We use the latest research in soil science, permaculture and agroecology to develop regenerative growing methods which increase climate and water resilience, mitigate and sequester carbon, and increase the efficacy of harvested plant materials while having a net positive effect on the environment.

We work through dedicated bioregional hubs to integrate
networks of emerging farmers under our umbrella, allowing them access to training, support, processing and market opportunities which accelerate their impact, resilience and profitability. We target both existing farmers and vulnerable populations with a vested interest in medicinal herbs to weave together social justice and ecological restoration while improving economic and food sovereignty.

We develop, formulate, research and produce high quality, ethical, organic wellness, skincare and beauty products from the raw botanicals- thus adding more value, job creation and economic opportunities.

We collaborate with local and international organisations to coordinate efforts for research, policy, education, ecological restoration, conservation of medicinal and endangered plants, climate action, and social justice. We co-design and co-create projects at all levels of community to bring our vision of a harmonious future for people, plants and planet to life.

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Our Achievements

  • Winner of the KZN Invotech/TIA Most Innovative Startup of 2016.
  • Top 10 Most Innovative Startups in SA 2016 through the Swiss Embassy/TIA Venture Leaders program.
  • Gaia University Bursary Fellow for Regenerative Enterprise Development & Ecosocial Design 2018-2020.

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