Fact3 Teachers Retreat

We’ve just finished co-hosting the first Fact3 Teacher’s Retreat, which marks the launch of our retreat branch! This was a magical weekend hosted in our Drakensburg home which invited teachers, musicians, and facilitators from around the country. As teachers and facilitators, we don’t often take the time to rest and rejuvenate fully. It was also an experiential learning process for us to begin hosting retreats and training exceptional teachers on what it takes to deliver a transformational experience.

The beautiful Golden Gate Park set the scene for a gorgeous retreat experience.

Fact3 attracted an incredible mix of yogis, meditation teachers, life coaches, singers, healers, dancers and change-makers. We expected great networking, wonderful vegetarian food and beautiful scenery. We took day trips to Sterkfontein Dam and through the majestic Golden Gate National Park. We had classes every day from different teachers, each of us collaborating and giving feedback to coach one another to become better facilitators.

Bliss Herbals hosted a Medicinal Garden Tour and Home Herbalism Workshop which used sensory techniques to help people understand their intuitive ability to use plants safely. We also highlighted our growing techniques & the importance of complex soil nutrition for effective and healthy herbs. We demonstrated the integration of our chickens, companion plants and soil supplementation through herbal composts. We got to teach about several indigenous medicine species we have growing like Bulbine, Imphepho, Artemisa afra, and African Potato, as well as how gardening itself can be deeply therapeutic.

Exploring the Imphepho’s revitalising smells

We were able to host several local community members through the generous sponsorship of Tswaranang, and it was an absolute joy to see these wonderful women thrive in their first experience of yoga, coaching and meditation. They added local expert knowledge and lots of fun to the group, as well as inspiration with their life stories of overcoming struggle. This has reflected a long term goal of ours: to create and inspire more accessible and fair opportunities to access wellness and self-empowerment tools. We hope to keep moving in this direction and creating bridges between worlds.

What we didn’t expect from hosting this retreat was how deep the connections would become between classes. There were lifelong friendships formed, business partnerships sparked and deeply meaningful discussions about the nature of our work which changed all of us involved. Thank you to everyone who joined us for the start of this adventure!

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