Fact3 Teachers Retreat

We’ve just finished co-hosting the first Fact3 Teacher’s Retreat, which marks the launch of our retreat branch! This was a magical weekend hosted in our Drakensburg home which invited teachers, musicians, and facilitators from aroundContinue reading

New Instagram Feed!

Want to follow Bliss through our day to day adventures of healing and gardening? Take a look at our new Instagram feed here  or follow the icon on the top menu. Follow us for daily tipsContinue reading

Autumn Urban Retreat

The Autumn Equinox is a time to reflect and take stock of our lives. It’s a time to gather energy and resources and to let go of what no longer serves us. It marks theContinue reading

muthi market warwick durban tour

Muthi Market Walkabout

This Thursday we hosted our first Muthi Market Walkabout with 4th year students from DUT’s Homoeopharmaceutics. We explored the history, culture, and controversy surrounding the Warwick Muthi Market. For many students it was their firstContinue reading

Round Two: Bliss is going to Joburg

After a month of applications, emails, filling out of proposals and waiting in anticipation; I just received the call I’ve been waiting for all week. We’re in! In for what? The next round of the Swiss-SA AdvancedContinue reading

First Prize at Invotech

Bliss Herbals Wins First Prize!

Bliss Herbals just won First Prize at the Invotech Entrepreneurship Program, and we’re so excited for what this means! We’ve had an amazing week! We were invited by Invotech to join their Technology Entrepreneurship Programme,Continue reading