Learning is a fundamental pillar of the Bliss project. We want to empower people to reach for better health, growing their own medicines in the most sustainable, eco-friendly manner available while also creating their own micro-businesses and enriching their lives and communities. Whether we’re teaching self-care with practical home-herbalism or how to start and run a community medicine garden; we are passionate about innovative, quality training which reaches deep and transforms participants lives. In order to combat the exploitation of the natural world and social inequalities we need effective education, viable alternatives and well-enforced regulations.

At Bliss we offer

  • Workshops
  • Free Online Resources (in development)
  • Online Courses (in development)
  • Ecotherapy Meetups and Exercises

To find out more follow the links above or email us at info@blissherbals.co.za

If you’re a teacher or facilitator in a related field, or if you have an awesome venue you would like us to hold an event at, we’d like to hear from you. We love collaboration, and can’t wait to work together for a better planet!

In the future we hope to expand to include online seminars, corporate wellness days and large-scale community training programs.