At Bliss we pride ourselves in quality, experiential education as a pillar of our mission to help people and communities make better choices about their health. Here is our list of currently available workshops, always expanding to be of service to you:

  • Top 10 Herbs for First Aid: A Beginner’s Guide to Home Herbalism:
    The perfect workshop for absolute beginners with a rough and ready guide of herbs for everyday slips and discomforts. We take you through our basic approach which makes learning easy and fun, a brief philosophy of healing naturally and how herbalism differs from orthodox medicine, basic contraindications to keep you safe, tactile experiences in the garden, 10 amazing herbs which are easy to grow, safe to use and can be applied to a wide range of common ailments, the most common ways one uses herbs (eg. tinctures, teas, poultices etc.) and a basic ecotherapy exercise to help you connect with nature in your quest for healing. Everyone leaves with printed material on what we’ve learnt in the day.

  • Kitchen Medicine Making: Our most popular workshop, often given in combination with our first aid workshop if the venue allows. Here we get a little deeper into the practical methods you’ll be using to create wonderful medicines using basic equipment you have in your kitchen. This workshop can take you from clueless to competent in a single morning, as we teach you how to use skills you already know but haven’t applied. We cover the principals of hygiene, processing, energetics, equipment, extraction, products, and production. We’ll learn how to source, collect, store and dry herbs (as well as how to make your own drying equipment from recycled objects, and how to make simple reusable teabags using basic sewing); how to make a herbal tincture, tea, decoction, poultice and infused oil. We end with our favourite: making herbal bee balm, which you can use as a base to make everything from a wound healer to a luxurious face cream. This is our famour Bliss Balm recipe and we share all our secrets with you. We don’t aim to teach techniques which you can use creatively to adapt to any situation as you grow in your knowledge and capacity as a home-healer. Every participant has the option to take home samples of their favourite creations (contribution dependent), and all participants take home a beautiful recipe book with space to collect future favourites. The entire experience is very hands on and you can smell, taste, touch and test all the magic we cook up.

  • Growing Medicine: In this workshop we explore the endless possibilities of creating a healing medicine garden. The plants we talk about are always adapted to suit the climate and area we are learning in, but we refer back our favourite first aid herbs as they are beneficial in almost every garden. We cover the basics of permaculture principals, how to design an efficient and ecological garden, living soils, how to best grow specific herbs and how healing plants can benefit food crops through their uses as companion plants. We also talk about urban solutions to growing medicine plants such as clever container gardening, community gardens and vertical/roof solutions. We speak about special considerations when growing indigenous and sacred plants; and how to use your experiences growing medicine to deepen your connection to the earth and broaden your experiences of healing. This is a very grounding workshop and we use ecotheraputic/shamanic/meditation exercises throughout to bring about an awareness of the beauty and power of growing plants. Much of the healing happens just by consciously being in the garden!
    We occasionally have a venue which wants to build a herb spiral or other permaculture/medicinal garden feature and we try to include a practical service component in our growing workshops which allows participants to get hands-on experience. If you would like to host a workshop and have a beautiful herb spiral installed in your garden/venue please get in touch. This is our most venue and crowd dependent workshop as the topic is so vast that we always tailor it to fit the space and interests of the people involved. As such, there’s always something fresh and different. We try to share seeds and medicinal plants with participants in these workshops so that they can begin growing their own medicine at home, but this is not always practical (and the participation contribution varies accordingly). This is a full-day workshop but can be condensed to a half-day or expanded to a full weekend.

  • Nature Walk: Here we go out into the wild along a trail and explore what nature brings us along the way! We talk about indigenous medicine, harvesting regulations and permits, good wild-crafting practice and how to harvest plants sustainably, how to identify common species and edible plants, and anything of interest which comes up as go. Suitable for moderately fit people and older children, this is an amble rather than a hike, and we take plenty of time to stop and smell the buchu! We often invite local conservationists, botanists, wilderness guides, environmental educators, indigenous healers or fauna/flora gurus to join us and enrich us with their knowledge. We do walking meditations/contemplations on the beauty of nature around us and speak about our experiences connecting with nature and how being in nature can heal us through wilderness experiences. Venue and weather-dependent.


To organise a workshop in your community, to host us at your awesome organic venue, or to collaborate with us as a co-facilitator; email us at and we’ll be in touch.

Most workshops require a minimum of 5 participants and booking subject to availability.


Our full calender with all events and live bookings is coming soon! Watch this space.