Wellness Range

Bliss Herbals has an established range of skincare and wellness products including a healing herbal balm, botanical facial toner, dried herbs and teas
for a variety of ailments, and rejuvenating serum. These products are marketed and sold online with customers nationally. Bliss Herbals handles all cultivation, processing, packaging, branding, marketing and digital presence in-house and has unique expertise in developing, formulating,
researching and marketing natural products. We are in talks with traditional leaders to develop a unique cosmetic and wellness line using herbs significant to place and people; and plan to continue this trend with other traditional healers and tribal councils.

Consulting & Project Management

We provide high level consulting to NPOs, government and the private sector on regenerative projects. Past projects have included land
rehabilitation, community food and medicinal gardens, urban and rural food sovereignty strategy, commercialization and marketing strategy of
agricultural projects, wellness clinics, co-operatives for cultivation and processing, reforestation and ecosystem restoration. Our consultative process includes stakeholder facilitation, needs assessment, project and site design, budgeting, licencing and regulatory assistance, grant applications, project implementation and management, evaluation and reporting