Our Raw Herbal range is at the core of our business as a cornerstone of natural health practice. Humans have used herbs since the beggining of time to soothe, heal, modify and enhance their experiences of the world. I’ve often thought of herbals as a little known secret to give yourself superpowers. Whether you need to have bullet-proof immunity, superfocus your concentration, enhance your mood or explore your inner world through dreams; we have a natural remedy to fit all ills. African herbs are some of the least explored and most underrated in the world, yet the region has one of the best preserved traditional medicine cultures and massive biodiversity to draw from. These rare herbal healers are sure to surprise and impress as new applications in complementary medicine are found.

Our range of high quality botanicals are sourced from ethical, reputable suppliers wherever possible and grown organically according to sustainable principals, as indicated on each product.

Artemisia afra Bud
Artemisia afra Bud

Artemisia afra

Umhlonyane, African Wormwood, Wildeals

Queen of herbs, this potent shrub is reputed as a power anti-microbial, anti-viral, and anti-parasitic; making it indispensable in all manner of infections. It also soothes pain, relaxes muscles and calms fevers. Used in the garden to make home-made pesticides and repel all manner of bugs and as a smudge to purify the air. Available dried.



Sceletium tortuosum

Kougoed, Kanna

Sceletium, grown in the Karroo, fermented and powered into nature’s best empathogen. What’s an empathogen? A substance which helps you to feel more connected and in love with the world. Who couldn’t use more of that? Sceletium does this by serotonin re-uptake inhibitors which naturally replenish your brain’s stores of this feel-good chemical. Traditionally used for suppressing hunger and fatigue on long hunts; Sceletium has a well-earned reputation for treating anxiety, depression and boosting energy and libido.



Synaptolepis kirkii
Synaptolepis kirkii- Uvuma Umhlope

Synaptolepsis kirkii

Uvuma umhlope

Africa’s most powerful and enigmatic nervous remedy. Uvuma umhlope is one of the key herbs in the trance medicine of Ubulawu, reputed to aid lucid dreaming, sharpen the mind’s vision and memory and ease insomnia. Currently in trials for Alzheimer’s disease, this herb has much potential waiting to be uncovered. We powder, filter and purify our Uvuma umhlope so as to make it easy to use.